Haseeb Ur Rehman

Haseeb is a young ambitious entrepreneur, online marketing strategist and web developer. He has a bachelors in Science, Network and Systems administration from Preston university in Islamabad.  He founded Mad IT House in 2013, a technology company from where he manages a “loyal team” as he called his partners.  to develop hi-tech projects for clients and corporations around the world, and offers web management and hosting solutions for big and small business.
Haseeb works as a strategic online marketing partner and web developer for Medialuna Agency. His vision to make the world a better place makes him to always try to achieve more, to learn new things and to work with excellency.
He speaks Urdu, Punjabi and English with perfection.
In his eventual spire time Haseeb reads all kind of stuff, volunteers at nonprofit organizations, and plays badminton and football.  We are happy to have Haseeb as part of our multicultural team of high-tech experts.