Diana Leal K.

Multilingual creatives / content and media producers


Diana is the founder and communications director of Medialuna Agency and Medialuna Press, an e-magazine in Spanish. She has a background in media

production, communications, and journalism. She worked as a reporter-writer  and as a marketing director for several organizations in Latin America.

Diana plays different roles at Medialuna Agency. She enjoys researching to create strategies and creative campaigns aimed at reaching Latin

Americans and other ethnic groups, she is a storyteller, and works as an art director and in design and media production with a team of artists and professionals

from different countries.

Diana is passionate about social and outreach campaigns that inform, educate, and contribute to the well-being of communities in disadvantage.

In her spare time, Diana spends time with her husband and little Sasha, reads, writes fiction and nonfiction, and plays tennis.