Campaign Strategy

Yes, culture significantly affects how people perceive messages and process information

Diversity matters

In an already  diverse country it is no longer a question  whether we must target different ethnic groups.  The issue is how to adapt or develop tailored campaigns that effectively reach powerful ethnically diverse groups to establish real, respectful and lasting relationships. 


According to key cultural theories (distinctiveness theory and accommodation theory), ethnic groups respond more favorably to culturally targeted ads.

To develop effective marketing strategies and campaigns marketers should first understand the cultural insights of the specific market to be reached, _cultural values, norms, and behaviors, as well as levels of acculturation – to apply to multicultural marketing analysis.

An effective ethnic communication strategy should be based on understanding cross-socio cultural differences and social differences within  cultures. Finding cultural distinctiveness ( common and similar attitudes and behaviors), marketers will create or adjust communications strategies to effectively reach different ethnic targets, respecting  cultural values.

A multicultural analysis utilizes four key cultural marketing elements: cultural affinity, acculturation, cultural sensitivity and cultural acceptability.

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