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By Diana Leal K.-Medialuna Agency Cultural intelligence has become a key instrument for success of businesses and corporations in this globalized world. "Big problems can no longer be solved by just one individual, one culture, or even a continent," writes the inclusion experts firm E.W Group. "… (Leading) collaboration across borders is essential for effective problem solving" add the British experts. “Cultural intelligence is related to emotional intelligence, but it picks up

While the census results confirm what studies predicted, the stagnation in population growth — the decrease in the percentage of the white population, and its aging — the figures also confirm the emergence of a new multicultural generation that is the growth engine for of the United States, and Latin Americans continue to lead. The latest census estimates indicate that the growth in U.S. population from July 2019 to the same

Life during the COVID 19 crisis has been distressing, silent, lonely, reflective. Social distancing time has been an opportunity for us to work harder, reflect on the way we have been doing things, and understand the urgency of creating a new more inclusive, fair, and a freer world than the one we lived in before this global catastrophe. The current health and economic crisis have made us reaffirm our mission and values.

Medialuna Agency is pleased to introduce and make available in both Spanish and English to its partners, clients, and the millions of bilingual Internet users eager for good content Medialuna Magzine, its multiplatform publication. Medialuna Magazine is a culturally smart publication with relevant and engaging content about current events, the environment and the climate emergency, public health, Latin America, and places around the world. Among its topics as well are stories about

Car sales can increase among Hispanic Americans because of COVID-19 The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the world to unprecedented and unthinkable circumstances. Not only has the health of the world’s population been on the brink of catastrophe, so has the economy. After almost nine months of global crisis, few productive sectors have been able to save themselves from the nosedive. Although the forecast of the economic crisis at international level shows less negative figures