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We are ready for a New World, Medialuna Agency

Life during the COVID 19 crisis has been distressing, silent, lonely, reflective.

Social distancing time has been an opportunity for us to work harder, reflect on the way we have been doing things, and understand the urgency of creating a new more inclusive, fair, and a freer world than the one we lived in before this global catastrophe.

The current health and economic crisis have made us reaffirm our mission and values. Today more than ever, we state with assurance our mission of connecting the world and its cultures together, to help create better economic and business opportunities for our clients and partners, and to contribute with our innovation and creativity towards generating development to the communities in disadvantage.

A refreshing image

During social distancing, we worked also on the refreshing of the agency’s corporate image. We created a new website, Mediualuna Agency, more modern, visual, dynamic, and totally responsive, to fulfill the needs of our partners and clients.

We also gave a touch to our logo, which is already an established symbol of our work and creativity.

Let’s become partners to build together a new and better world! Send us an email to global@medialunaagency.com to schedule an hour of free consultation.

Wait for the big news

We have become a marketing and media multiplatform.