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Medialuna Agency launches its content platform in Spanish, Medialuna Magazine

Medialuna Agency is pleased to introduce and make available in both Spanish and English to its partners, clients, and the millions of bilingual Internet users eager for good content Medialuna Magzine, its multiplatform publication.

Medialuna Magazine is a culturally smart publication with relevant and engaging content about current events, the environment and the climate emergency, public health, Latin America, and places around the world.

Among its topics as well are stories about people and culture, gastronomy, arts, literature, film, music, and more.

The mission of Medialuna Magazine is to inform, entertain, and contribute to help create a free, better, and happier world.

 A Magazine for a Powerful Untapped Audience  

There are 60.6 million Hispanic Americans or Latin Americans in the United States. According to the 2019 census, they are 18.5% of the population and the country’s second-largest racial or ethnic group, behind white non-Hispanics.

U.S. Hispanic Americans are the only racial/ethnic population growing in the United States, driven primarily by natural increase

Latin Americans in the United States are increasingly becoming a prime driving force in the U.S. economy.

They accounted for 75% of U.S. labor force growth between 2010 and 2016, “meaning their economic clout will grow exponentially as they enter their prime earning years”. (Forbes).

Latin Americans living in the United States account for $2.3 trillion in economic activity. They drive billions in consumer spending and demand for new technologies.

U.S. Hispanic consumers are online and on mobile

 There is a word to engage U.S. Hispanics in a meaningful way, according to Google:  culture. 70% of them consider it important for a website’s content to be culturally relevant when they’re gathering information about a purchase. That judgment includes ads too.

Hispanic Americans are highly bilingual. While not as important as culture, language does matter.

For some U.S. Hispanic consumers, Spanish and bilingual content online signals that the marketer wants to engage with them.

Spanish language searches are on the rise (Google). The number of Spanish keyword searches increased from about 65% to 200% between 2011 and 2014.

56% of Hispanic Americans who live in the United States wish there were more information in Spanish online. 62% wish there were more information in Spanish about them and written for them. Pew Research Center.

“We have been producing high-quality and engaging content for many months with already remarkable results, says Diana Leal, founder, and editor.

“Our magazine is ready to reach more than 70 million U.S. Spanish speakers who are online looking for our content,” she added.

Medialuna Magazine content and campaigns have reached quarterly cross-platform on average more than 90,000 people from a very specific target: Hispanics from 24 to 44 years old who live in New Mexico, Oregon, Texas, Utah, New York, Florida, and Washington.

“Our traffic depends on our articles and campaigns,” says Leal, who notes the great reach of the magazine and social campaigns on Facebook.

“We reached 32K people with a scientific article about how the Covid-19 could spread in the air when no one was talking about it,” she says.

The social campaigns to protect the Amazon forest have also had great exposure.

Medialuna Magazine’s content is based on exhausting research and analysis and is produced with high professional and ethical standards.

“Why is it so hard to find Spanish language magazines online’’

  • Spanish is the third-most-used language on the Internet, 8.1% after English (25%) and Chinese 19.4% (Internetworldstats)
  • 5% of all websites are in English (w3techs)
  • Just 4.0% of Internet sites are in Spanish (w3techs)

Don’t miss the opportunity

U.S. Hispanics turn to online sources to inform their purchases more than the general online population. They also pay more attention to ads and take action. With such high engagement, they’re well-positioned to become a key target group for many industries.

Don’t miss the opportunity: Be present with relevant content and ads across platforms and devices. (Google)

A multiplatform

Besides the digital MedialunaMagazine.com, we are launching Medialuna Magazine Radio with special and weekly podcasts, featuring the most prominent topics.

We also are active on our social media channels.

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  • Twitter/MedialunaMagazine
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